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blueindicatorCommunity Air Quality Information

Air quality & our health

Air pollution is made up of gases, liquids, and particles that can react together to create harmful conditions. Pollutants come from a wide range of sources, including vehicle exhaust, home and building heating, wood burning, construction dust, industrial processes, and energy generation. Some pollution is carried from distant sources, but much is created locally.
Smog, the grey-brown haze that sometimes accompanies hot days, is a term used to describe a mixture of air pollutants. It is usually formed by a combination of ozone and small particles, as well as noxious gases, road and construction dust, sunlight, and heat. When elevated smog is expected, the Ontario Ministry of the Environment issues Smog Alerts.

Region of Waterloo reports

The Region of Waterloo provides the local community with information regarding air quality and the health effects of air pollution. This includes status reports, health protection information and links to external sites for smog alerts. Please visit the following web address to access this information:

Ministry of Environment reports

The Ministry of Environment's Air Quality Index for our local area can also be reached at the following web site:

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