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Air Quality and Energy

Clean air is essential to the health and well-being of all living creatures and their surrounding natural environment. Air quality, however, can be negatively affected by human-caused activities, including vehicle exhaust, heating of homes and buildings, burning of wood, construction dust, industrial processes and energy generation. The Region of Waterloo is committed to doing our part to create a healthy, sustainable environment.  Within our influence, this includes managing energy resources while reducing greenhouse gases and other air emissions that result from Regional activities as well as provide leadership to encourage reductions in community emissions.

Click on the links below to see how our Regional Corporate and Community Initiatives are doing in meeting our goals.

Regional Corporate Initiatives

greendotAlternative Energy Sources in Regional Facilities
yellowdot Corporate Electricity Consumption
greendotCorporate Greenhouse Gas Emissions
greendotCorporate Natural Gas Consumption
bluedotGreening the Region's Fleet of Vehicles

Regional Community Initiatives 

bluedotCommunity Air Quality Information
bluedotCommunity Energy Consumption 
bluedotCommunity Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Alignment with Environmental Strategy

Effectively use and manage energy resources and reduce greenhouse gas emissions and other air emissions from regional activities.

Alignment with Strategic Focus

Focus Area 1: Protect and enhance the environment.

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