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The Region of Waterloo offers a blend of vibrant urban centers and thriving rural communities. The Region is committed to maintaining a fixed border between rural and urban areas, directing growth to make better use of land within the built up areas of the Region and protecting natural areas and agricultural land.

Click on the links below to see how our Regional Corporate and Community Initiatives are doing in meeting our goals.

Regional Corporate Initiatives

bluedotTrees Planted by the Region

Regional Community Initiatives 

bluedotProtection of Natural Areas
greendotImpact of Urban Form on Health
bluedotCommunity Gardens
greendot Reurbanization (Managing Regional Growth)

Related Plans and Stategies

Regional Official Plan
Regional Growth Management Strategy
Regional Forest Management Plan 

Alignment with Sustainability Strategy

Manage and shape land use to ensure a livable, healthy and sustainable Waterloo Region.

Alignment with Strategic Plan

Focus Area 1: Protect and enhance the environment.
Focus Area 2: Manage growth to foster thriving and productive urban and rural communities.



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