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Sustainable Culture

Sustainable Culture is about creating a heightened environmental awareness, norms of continuous environmental improvement and awareness of opportunities that arise day-to-day where the intent of the Environmental Sustainability Strategy can be realized internally by Council, staff and out in the community by citizens and businesses. It is the critical people component of the strategic framework and involves promoting opportunities to show community leadership by emphasizing that everybody has the potential to be an environmental champion.

Click on the links below to see how our Regional Corporate and Community Initiatives are doing in meeting our goals.

Regional Corporate Initiative

bluedotCorporate Sustainability Programs and Services
bluedotStaff Education Initiatives
bluedotCorporate Sustainability Projects

Regional Community Initiatives

bluedotCommunity Environmental Fund
bluedotEnvironmental Promotion and Education Program
greendotSustainable and Active Transportation
bluedotTrends in Transportation Choices

Related Plans

Regional Transportation Master Plan

Alignment with Sustainability Strategy

Foster stewardship of the natural environment and encourage behaviours to reduce environmental impact.

Alignment with Regional Strategic Plan

Focus Area 1: Protect and enhance the environment.
Focus Area 3: Develop greater, more sustainable and safe transportation choices.


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