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Region of Waterloo is committed to continually reduce the amount of waste requiring landfill in the long-term. Reducing the amount of waste requiring landfill prevents environmental impacts on water from leachate and prolongs the use of current landfill capacity which delays the need for additional landfill space alternative waste disposal options. With the success of many diversion programs, a wide variety of materials are re-used and recycled which also reduces the need for new natural resources.

Click on the links below to see how our Regional Corporate and Community Initiatives are doing in meeting our goals.

Regional Corporate Initiatives

bluedotGreen Purchasing Practices
bluedotRegion's Sustainable Building and Construction Practices e.g. LEED Buildings
bluedotWaste Diversion from Regional Buildings

Regional Community Initiative

greendotCommunity Waste Diversion

Related Plans and Strategies

Waste Management Master Plan: 2011 Update

Alignment with Sustainability Strategy

Reduce the amount of waste requiring landfill and the demand and impact on natural resources.

Alignment with Regional Strategic Plan

Focus Area 1: Protect and enhance the environment. 


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