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What is the indicator and why measure it?

This indicator measures the number of people involved with the Region's TravelWise program. TravelWise is a program aimed at reducing the number of people driving alone to work. Partnering with employers across the region, TravelWise provides strategies and services to encourage more employees to travel to work on foot, by bike, on transit or in a carpool.
Benefits of reducing the number of people driving alone to work include:

    • Less traffic congestion,
    • Ease parking cost and space concerns,
    • Reduce greenhouse gases and other air pollutants,
    • Promote healthy lifestyles, and
    • Improve quality of life.

TravelWise began for Region of Waterloo employees in 2006. Since launching the program region-wide in January 2012, TravelWise has grown to 17 organizations with over 660 members.The goal is to reach 20 organizations and 1,000 members by 2015.

Culture TravelWise

Support provided by TravelWise

The following services support employees walking, cycling, carpooling, and taking transit:

 Ridematching for Carpoolers

    • An online ridematching service makes carpooling easy! Employees can create a carpool profile to search within their own organization or connect with employees with other organizations across Waterloo Region for a match!

TravelWise Corporate Pass

    • Through GRT, TravelWise members have access to an online store that provides discounted seasonal and annual transit passes.

Emergency Ride Home

    • Members committed to carpooling, using transit, biking or walking as a way to work are eligible for an Emergency Ride Home in the event of an unforeseen emergency.

Reporting to Track Success
Employees and employers can easily access information on their daily commute such as:

    • Number of sustainable kilometres travelled

    • Total tonnes of carbon dioxide reduce.


Examples of Site-Specific Support: Regional Municipality of Waterloo

Community CarShare membership

    • Since 2010, the Community CarShare has offered a unique rental system to Regional employees as part of TravelWise. TravelWise members without an individual parking pass who commute sustainably to work can register for access to a Grand River CarShare car for travel offsite during work hours for work purposes.

Bike parking

    • Exterior bike racks are available at most Region of Waterloo worksite. Medium security bike parking is provided at 99 Regina Street, 150 Frederick Street and 150 Main Street garages.

Bike skills training

    • The Canadian Cycling Association's CAN-BIKE courses were offered to employees in the past to teach all aspects of road safety.

Access to Showers and Change Rooms

    • Members of TravelWise who ride a bicycle or walk to work are offered access to showers and change rooms at their worksite's Employee Centre, at no charge to freshen up after their commute.

For more information:

Copies of the Region's cycling and transit maps can be viewed at the following link: Maps
Find out details of the TravelWise program by clicking on the following link: TravelWise


SustainableCultureCommunityTravelwiseitsyourmovegraphicIf you have questions please contact:
James LaPointe
Principal Planner, Transportation Demand Management
Telephone: 519-575-4500 x3755
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




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