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blueindicator Corporate Sustainability Projects


What is this indicator?

This indicator highlights employee-led environmental projects that provide the highest environmental return, promote sustainable behaviours, and/or act as a catalyst in advancing the adaptation of cost-effective new technologies.

Past projects include:


  • Passive heating of paint on roads paint vehicle,
  • Lighting motion sensors at Sunnyside Home Long Term Care,
  • Naturalization (tree planting) at Regional Housing,
  • Smart about Salt certification for Regional facilities,
  • Fleet telematics pilot project to improve efficiency in Regional vehicles,
  • Anti-idling pilot test on Regional fleet,
  • Videoconferencing pilot test,
  • Naturalized playspace at a Regional childcare centre,
  • Energy efficient window coating pilot test,
  • Multi-sort waste bins,
  • Business technologies for mobile staff to reduce mileage and GHG,
  • Recognition program for employees making sustainable travel choices, and
  • Corporate Greenhouse Gas Action Plan.

Example: Videoconferencing system

In 2011, Information Technology Services conducted a 6-month pilot to test a videoconferencing system on reducing staff mileage and GHG emissions by providing opportunities for remote meetings.

During the pilot:

  • Staff saved $2,350 and 573 kg of CO2e from avoid mileage.
  • By including external participants, a total of 27 tonnes of CO2e is saved from 100,548 km less travelled.

The videoconferencing system opened to all staff use in July 2012 and it continues to improve accessibility of staff to external clients via on-line meetings.

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greenindicator Strong progress achieved
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redindicator Progress needed
blueindicator Information only
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