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blueindicatorStaff Education Initiatives



What is this indicator?

This indicator highlights initiatives that help staff become aware and informed.

New staff orientation

As part of the staff orientation program, new employees are provided with an Environmental Initiatives Guide to help them navigate and understand the many internal sustainability programs available to them.

Job specific training

The Region provides specific job-related training on sustainability topics that affect Regional operations (e.g. anti-idling practices during drivers' training and smart use of winter road salt for maintenance staff).

Green ambassadors

Green ambassadors are a group of staff volunteers, originally assembled to assist with the implementation of the corporate green bin program, continues to function by promoting sustainability awareness among their colleagues. 

Community events

To raise staff awareness on environmental issues and engage community action, the Region frequently supports and participates in community environmental events. For example, the Region as a corporation participates in the annual Commuter Challenge among many local organizations. Regional staff participation contributes to the success of the Waterloo Region in achieving 1st place in Ontario and 2nd place in Canada for two consecutive years in our population category. Other events include Earth Day, Earth Hour, and Energy Conservation Week.



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greenindicator Strong progress achieved
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