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blueindicatorWaste Diversion from Regional Buildings

What is the indicator and why measure it?

Waste produced from Regional operations and programs occurs at a wide variety of facilities resulting in recyclable office waste, oil and metals from fleet service centres, construction waste from development and renovation of Regional facilities, paint and a host of other materials. Much of this is diverted from landfill with similar programs operated for residential waste. However, diverted materials from corporate operations may go directly to third party recycling processors and therefore will not be included in Community Waste Diversion figures.

A green bin program for collection of organic materials was successfully piloted at the Region's administrative headquarters and has been rolled out at all Regionally-owned building. This indicator helps to demonstrate that, as an organization, the Region is playing its role in optimizing landfill resources by maximizing waste diversion.

The Region's corporate wide waste diversion program also recycles the following materials:

    • Paper
    • Plastic
    • Glass
    • Toner cartridges 
    • Aluminum
    • Batteries and electronics
    • Compact fluorescent tubes and bulb
    • Oil and oil filters, scrap metal, batteries, and tires from fleet operations
    • Renovations and construction waste from Regional facilities and roads
    • Medical waste from EMS, public health clinics, and Sunnyside Retirement Home
    • Office equipment, computers, and appliances are required to be taken by supplier for parts recycling when replacements are purchased

Diversion Highlights in 2013

    • 1872 kg of corporate electronic waste was recycled.
    • 2579 fluorescent tubes were recycled, diverting from the landfill: 566kg of glass, 7 kg of metals, 9 kg of phosphor, and 61 grams of mercury.


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