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blueindicatorWater Quality Testing

What is the indicator and why measure it?

All water distributed in the Regional Municipality of Waterloo system must meet high levels of quality legislated by the Ontario Ministry of Environment. On an annual basis, the Region performs over 100,000 laboratory tests on drinking water obtained from groundwater sources (80%) and the Grand River (20%). This indicator, measured as a percentage of tests meeting compliance, is commonly used as a benchmark between municipalities. Proactive protection of groundwater resources is a significant focus of Water Services which aids in providing clean drinking water prior to the treatment process. Water treatment facilities, water storage reservoirs and pumping stations located throughout the Region distribute treated water to consumers.

 Regional initiatives that affect this indicator  

This indicator is indirectly influenced by the Region's:
Water Resource Protection Master Plan
Rural Water Quality Program

Annual Water Quality Reports Annual Summary Reports
2013 2013
2012 2012
2011 2011
2010 2010
2009 2009
2008 2008
2007 2007
2006 2006
2005 2005
2004 2004

Annual quality reports

As required by the Ministiry of the Environment, the Region completes annual Water Quality Reports for Consumers and Summary Reports. The reports confirm that drinking water supplied by the Region and area municipalities is safe and has met all health-related Ontario Drinking Water Standards. Copies of these or earlier reports are available by calling 519-575-4426 or can be picked up at the Water Services department at Regional Headquarters, 150 Frederick St., Kitchener. They are also available by downloading the Acrobat files from these links.

Questions or comments?

If you need more information or have questions or comments about the Region's water quality or supply:

    • Visit our Frequently Asked Questions webpage,  
    • Call a Water Quality Specialist, at 519-575-4757, ext. 3155; or 
    • Contact Water Operations & Maintenance by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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